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So, you wandered into a girl scout rally because you have wonderful memories of girl scouting and wanted the same for your precious, little kindergartner, and came home a new Daisy Girl Scout leader! Not sure what happened? After your head stops spinning, panic will start to set in. Disregard the urge to run, and get a grip — little girls can smell fear. You just signed up for a quite a ride. Bad News: most girls this age can’t read and won’t sit still for very long. Good News: you are going to have a whole new batch of “the coolest ever” memories you can share with you daughter.

QUICK LINK: Starting a Daisy or Brownie Girl Scout Troop

Whether you are a mom with a paying job or not, you can do this. Leading a group of girl scouts doesn’t require a 100% of your time – only 100% of your heart. Fortunately, the internet is an AWESOME source of ideas for new girl scout leaders. And Pinterest can be your virtual assistant leader.

This site is a small collection of ideas, activities, games, crafts, and handouts that were appropriate for young girl scouts that made my life as a Girl Scout Leader a little easier. All joking aside, congratulations – you don’t know how lucky you are yet.

Ceremonies for
Daisy and Brownie Girl Scouts

Daisy and Brownie Activities and Patch Resources
Although this activities were originally designed to be used with Daisy scouts, they can be adjusted and used with just about any young children’s group. The italicized color labels refers to Daisy petals.

Journeys for Daisy Girl Scouts
While my girls were young, I didn’t get the point of buying the Journey books. We did the first year and no one read them. We did activities to fulfill the journey requirements, but I am not including any at this time. Sorry, I can’t be more helpful.

  • It’s Your World—Change It! Brownie Quest
  • It’s Your Planet—Love It! WOW! Wonders of Water

Recycling Craft Supplies with Younger Girl Scouts

SWAPS for Brownie Girl Scouts

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