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If you are a busy mom of young children, homeschooler, Girl Scout leader, and/or children’s ministry volunteer, I hope you find these pages/posts make life (or the hours you spend preparing for classes, meetings, programs and/or parties) a little easier.

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God bless!

Scratching Beneath the Surface

So, what does it mean?

The Chick = Me                    The Egg(s) = My Kids

Debora R

Every morning after I dropped the kids at daycare and headed to work, I would listen to Dr. Dobson’s Focus on the Family radio broadcast and dream of being a better mom. One morning the guest spoke of the importance of staying home with your children instead of pursuing a career, and I burst into tears. Although there was nothing but love in her voice, all I felt was the weight of guilt press the air out of my lungs. Was she implying that I cared more for myself than my children? Didn’t she know I needed this job?

By the end of her program, she was urging wives to be honest with themselves and their husbands about their personal situation. I can’t recall the exact call to action, but I walked away with the following: Do we really “need” the money? Would my time better be spent with the kids? Does my husband know how I feel?

By this point, I felt like I was living in someone else’s life. It was a good life, but it wasn’t the life I wanted. How did I get here? How could I tell my husband that this good life we had wasn’t making me happy – not “real” happy? The last part gave me a chill.

NOTE: It is NOT my intention to make anyone feel guilty about the decisions they have made (or decisions which they feel have been made for them). I am simply recalling MY PERSONAL feelings here and what I learned about the word “need”.

I won’t go into details, but God gave me the strength one Saturday morning and my lips formed the words my heart was by this point screaming — “I don’t want to live my life like this! I want to quit my job and take care of my family.”

At this point, I burst into tears and braced myself for the arguement. “We can’t afford it” or “Are you out of your mind?” were what I expected to hear . . . not, “Okay”. And with that, we began sorting out the “needed” things in life from the conveniences.

NOTE: A superfantabulastic husband made all of this possible for me. I pray that you all have one ’cause I would be lost without mine.

Six months later after a very emotional break-up with work, I watched my youngest struggle to follow Brother as she climbed up into a big yellow school bus for her first day of kindergarten, which happened to be my first day of “retirement”. I did it! It felt great…but now what? When you’re running your life at 100mph, “slowing down” needs to be a step-down process. Weeks before, I had decided to blog to keep my communication/computer skills sharp, and launched TheChickorTheEgg.com. For the first week, it was easier to direct folks to read my blog than to answer the endless phone calls from well-wishers who were just “checking in” on me.

As I made my way into a new world without client meetings and water cooler gossip, it didn’t take me long before I found myself raising my hand to lead a troop of Daisy Girl Scouts, take over as director of our church’s VBS program, and homeschool my youngest. Whew! I get tired just thinking about it, but it all kept me connected with the outside world.

Thoroughout, I kept blogging every day of the “work” week for almostly exactly one year. Then in September 2010, I took my aunt (one of my bestest best friends) to a mamogram appointment and everything changed. Her breast cancer was far more advanced than we knew, and I didn’t feel much like sharing my thoughts any more — mostly because she was the first person to read them each morning. She passed away on St. Patrick’s Day. She was a Daisy Girl Scout leader, a loyal sister and loving aunt, and above all dedicated to raising her children . . . and I miss her every day.

Fastforward a few months, I find myself staring down at a computer screen FILLED with files full of craft ideas, activities, homeschool lessons, party plans, children’s Bible school ideas, etc. With school just around the corner, a clean slate was needed . . . but I put so much time into all of these files. I couldn’t just throw my creations away, could I? And so, TheChickorTheEgg.com found itself a new purpose — sharing helpful ideas!

This site is not designed to provide everything you need, but it just may give you some ideas you haven’t thought of before. Enjoy them as much as I have.

God bless!

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