Easy Hand-Warmers

At the junior level, my troop is interested in learning how to sew so I have been looking for EASY projects for them to tackle. We attempted to make “easy” elastic-banded skirts last year. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out as I had planned it in my mind. However, I did manage to pull a fun and functional project out of the scraps – literally. We used 8×3-inch leftover fleece scraps to make hand-warmers.

 (terrible picture – eeekk!)

First, the girls hand-stitched on some felt daisy embellishments I had leftover from a previous project. Second, they folded their 8×3-inch rectangle into a 4×3-inch rectangle (with the embellishment on the inside) and machine-stitched the opened edges leaving about a 2-inch opening at the end. Third, they turned the “pillow” inside out so that the embellishment was on the outside and filled the “pillow” with rice using a funnel and an extra pair of mom hands. Finally, I stitched the “pillow” shut as this required a bit more finesse (and little fingers too close to the needle!).

The final product was an adorable pair of hand-warmers that can be thrown in the microwave for 30 seconds to keep little fingers cozy warm at the bus stop. Rice is food, so they don’t hold up to getting wet. However, they were so affordable to make with scraps they could be disposable.

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