Taxonomy / KPCOFGS Activity

We’ve started working on Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day, and the first activity we did in class was one that illustrated our taxonomy lesson. I printed out the following images on different sheets of colored paper; however, you could easily color each sheet or draw a picture of the mnemonic you make up. We cut out and pasted each circle on top of the previous to build a little visual reminder in addition to our mnemonic: Kids Play Clarinets Only For Good Snacks – (K) for Kingdom, (P) for Phylum, (C) for Class, (O) for Order, (F) for Family, (G) for Genus, and (S) for Species. AND FOR GIRL SCOUTS: Kids Purchase Cookies Only From Girl Scouts.

Kingdom Phylum Class Order Family Genus Species KPCOFGS_printable (B&W PDF)

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