Puzzle Piece Picture Frame & Swap

This was a fun project to do with my girl scout troop on our first camping weekend! I bought a 25-piece wooden puzzle for a dollar and spray painted over the image-side before we left for camp. On a rainy afternoon at camp, I gave each girl an “edge” piece and a “middle” piece, as well as glitter glue pens, puffy paint and markers, and asked them to decorate their pieces however they liked. I let the pieces dry overnight, but they were still pretty gooey the next day. With the somewhat dry pieces, I made a swap for the girls by hot gluing a pin back to middle pieces and a picture frame with the edge pieces, in which I plan display a group pic from our camping trip. When presenting the idea to the girls, I used a puzzle piece that sort of looked like a person and explained to them how we are each a piece of our troop’s puzzle — we’re all different, but we all fit together to make something pretty cool. Super cute, super easy!

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