Packing Your Sit-A-Can

In my opinion, every girl scout should have a properly packed sit-a-can. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the idea, a sit-a-can is a large, lidded, plastic bucket, which can be filled with all your camping necessities. One of our dads was able to get us new paint buckets; however, I have heard of using large (5-gallon) food tubs from bakeries or restaurants, large kitty litter buckets, etc. (NOTE: I am all for recycling, but I would stay away from tubs that once stored chemicals just to be safe. You can purchase new buckets from most hardware stores.) A sit-a-can makes a handy stool, convenient nightstand, extra campfire seating, cellphone safe, and water-proof catch-all whenever camping in the rain — not to mention the perfect daycamp lunchbox/storage unit. As a leader, I have stored a pack of matches, pocket knife, extra batteries, a magazine, my notebook, small first aid kit, and roster in my sit-a-can.

This is a list I gave my Brownies to help them with ideas for their sit-a-can. It is by no means complete but a good starting point. As the scouts get older, this list changes.

Packing Your Sit-a-can

  • Mess Kit & Utensils
  • Bandanna
  • Rain Poncho (or garbage bag)
  • Water Bottle
  • Sit-Upon *
  • Sunscreen/SPF Lip Balm
  • Bug Repellent
  • Hair Bands/Barrettes
  • Baseball Cap
  • Sun Glasses
  • Hand Wipes (small baggie with wet paper towel)
  • Small Plastic Bag (Ziploc – for cellphone or camera protection in the rain)
  • Large Plastic Bag (Kitchen or Grocery – for muddy whatever)

* A “sit-upon” is a waterproof pad, usually made by wrapping a folded newspaper with either a pocket of flannel-backed table cloth stitched with yarn or a large Ziploc bag, designed to keep you from sitting on a wet seat.

I printed out each scout’s name on sticker paper which the girls used along with other sheet stickers to decorate their sit-a-cans at a meeting. Sadly, my sit-a-can was the saddest looking. The above picture wasn’t included to show off my decorating skills! 🙂


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