Starting a Daisy or Brownie Troop

Tips & Resources for New Girl Scout Leaders

As a new Daisy girl scout leader, I felt completely overwhelmed by the thought of keep 20+ wiggly, giggly little girls occupied for a whole year of meetings. These are just a few of the ideas I used as my girls grew through the girl scouts age-levels. This list is NOT comprehensive, but I do plan to add to these ideas as I discover worthwhile projects for Daisy, Brownies, and beyond. The images on the following idea pages were designed so that you can easily cut and paste them multiple times onto a “word” page to print out several on a sheet.

Crafts and Activities for Daisy Girl Scout Meetings
I scheduled our activities so that my Daisy girl scouts could earn all of their petals in one year. During the second year of Daisies, we repeated the petal schedule using different activities. It was good review of the Girl Scout Law, it gave new scouts the chance to earn all of their petals and it gave 2nd year Daisies a full year to show off their complete uniform.

Daisy Girl Scout Petal Plan
Daisy Blue Center / Learn the Girl Scout Promise
• Girl Scout Promise Card
Light Blue Petal / Honest & Fair
• Web of Lies Game
• Honest & Fair Word Search
Yellow Petal / Friendly & Helpful
• Scrapbook Page
• Thanksgiving Card
• Personal Hug Card
• Friendship Bracelet Braiding Instructions
Spring Green Petal / Considerate & Caring
• Personal Hug Card
Red Petal / Courageous & Strong
• Fire plan hand-out
Orange Petal / Responsible for What I Say and Do
• Good Deed Collector
• Chore Chart & Daisy Pen
• Telephone Game & Tips
• Internet Surfing Safety Quiz
Purple Petal / Respect Myself & Others
• Respectful Words Lesson
Magenta Petal / Respect Authority
• Safety/Emergency Cards
Green Petal / Use Resources Wisely
• Recycled Flowers
• Braided Dog Toys
Rose Petal / Make the World a Better Place
• Braided Dog Toys
Violet Petal / Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout
• Manner Poem Game
• Welcome Signs

Ceremonies for Daisy Girl Scouts
• Recipe for a Girl Scout Troop
• Investiture Ceremony Plan

Journeys for Daisy Girl Scouts
Consider the reading-level of your girls before investing in the Journey books. We bought them the first year when no one could read them. We did activities to fulfill the journey requirements, but I don’t have any resources to share.

SWAPS for Daisy Girl Scouts
• Jack-o-Lantern in a Bag SWAP
• Puzzle Piece Picture Frame & SWAP

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