“Web of Lies” Game and Word Search

Light Blue Petal: Honest & Fair

A great character building game! I used an online word search creator to make the following printable Honest & Fair word search to keep the girls busy until the meeting started and we could play the game “Web of Lies” game. I had the girls gather in a circle while explaining the difference between truth and lies, and asked the girls to give an example. I explained how we were going to toss the ball of yarn around the circle and when it was your turn you would need to call out a truth or a lie, such as “I am a girl scout” or “My shoes are made of banana peels”, before throwing the ball of yarn to a scout on the opposite side of the circle. I held on to the end of the ball of yarn to get it started and threw it to the first girl. If she told a lie, the girl would wrap the yarn behind her waist before she threw the ball of yarn. If she told a truth, she would simply throw the ball of yarn without wrapping it around her. (Surprisingly, I had to awkwardly urge some girls to tell a lie after one round of all the girls telling truths!) After each girl caught the ball at least once and the roar of giggles subsided, I moved into the center of the circle and grabbed up the cross section of yarn with my hand. I VERY GENTLY began “reeling in” the girls who were entangled in the string due to their lies and explained how we can easily get caught up in a web of lies when we don’t tell the truth. It was a fun little game that had the girls using their imaginations and reinforced the importance of telling the truth.

Honest & Fair Word Search

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