Paper “Hug” Card

Yellow Petal: Friendly & Helpful

This is one of most favorite projects! This can be a treasured keepsake for just about any situation or group. Much like you would trace your hand to make the outline for turkeys at Thanksgiving, I used a long roll of paper to trace the girls’ “wing span” from finger tip to finger tip. (If you don’t have a long paper roll, you can improvise by just tracing out their hands and then attaching them to a long strip of paper or string.) The girls cut out and colored their paper hands to have fingernail polish and rings. They also labeled their hands “right” and “left”. They then cut out their face from a photo and pasted it in the middle of the hands (see below). This “hugger” was pasted onto the back of the half page Personal Hugging System card, which is currently set up for Valentine’s Day, and could draw in a body if they wanted. This card was originally created as a Get Well card for a dear friend struggling with chemo treatments, but can be adjusted for any occasion. I purchased large envelopes and asked the girls to bring in stamps for the proper postage and the address of someone they would like to mail the card to so that the cards could easily be dropped in the mail on the way home from the meeting. You can also count this towards your spring green (Considering & Caring) petal.

This is how it will look…


This is what you need to print out and use as the backside of your hugger or inside of a card.

“Personal Hugging System” Card Printable

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